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Syte is a global provider of intelligence, consulting and M&A services in eHealth.
Thus we work with the most innovative eHealth start ups ranging from preventive care over treatment up to monitoring of chronic patients.
These eHealth solutions are scaled within a global network of hospitals, all preselected as decision makers in the particular healthcare markets.

How it works:

The process consists of the following steps:

Registration as...

• Medical doctor that is interested in using eHealth innovations


• EHealth start up that wants to grow via fast expansion in decisive markets


Selection of potentially useful functionalities offered by start ups for the particular hospital or clinic setting.

Pilot Planning...

Pilot planning and discussion of next steps

The complete initiating process of registration, selection and pilot planning is free of charge.

Register as Doctor

Please fill out the following questionnaire to receive access to the overview of solutions. After a verification of the data, you will be provided with a link for the solution overview.

Register Your Start Up

Please fill out the following questionnaire to be registered as eHealth solution on the solution overview page. After a verification you will be displayed as a start up.

Syte differentiates eHealth markets into low, middle and high resource regions:

Low resource = Low purchase power/lack of local medical services

Middle resource = High purchase power/lack of local medical services

High resource = High purchase power/sufficient local medical services

The implementation in these specific eHealth rolemodel regions plays an important role for sustainable growth. That‘s why Syte offers the chance to scale eHealth ventures within a global clinic network in each of these areas.

This reflects the different needs of the healthcare systems (e.g. Low resource: Access to care; Middle resource: Diabetes treatment monitoring; High resource: Primary prevention, DNA based analytics) and the business model of digital healthcare solutions.